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Onto serious business

March 1, 2010

I’m down to one class, Seminar; independent research isn’t for wimps (my eyeballs feel like they want to jump out of their sockets) at all or for those with short attention spans. The outcome I hope for is both a thesis I can be proud of and a new understanding of the topic. Last year’s mayoral race played a huge part in my choice of topic and combined with my studies, I have some insight into a possible reason for the lack of term limits; but I need to allow for the side that is against term limits as well.  My professor, who I’ve had for 3 classes, has instructed me to keep my emotions out of my research so I’ll try and take that emotion and turn it into focus. Thankfully this class didn’t take place during the campaign!

My next big thing is getting a smartphone and I’m really excited about it too. For all of us nerdy folks; I’m being assimilated; resistance is futile. This week I’ve checked out some and have gotten opinions from folks I know that have them; I’m leaning heavily towards a Blackberry Curve. Hopefully I don’t regret being so connected but I’m willing to take that chance now that I’m into social media. So often on the campaign trail I wanted to tweet something or email something on the go and couldn’t. I figure it will make the rides on the T a bit more palatable and productive.  



Something else that would make my often sleep deprived, temperature challenged life more bearable, a trip to the spa…and guess what? I won a gift card to Ten-X Spa from Kiss108. Here’s the photo of me at their office accepting my prize. A massage in the near future is something to look forward too. Hint hint, I highly recommend this as a gift!

There was an interesting trip to the vet on Thursday with all three cats! Luckily everyone was relatively healthy but still needed meds; I have the scratches to prove it. That’s something to look forward to; two weeks of administering three medication doses to two cats… Thank God for my neighbor giving me a ride and helping me with them. Honestly, I don’t know how parents with more than one child manage a trip to the doctor’s office!

The same day as the trip to the vet, I ended up in “Twitterjail” too many updates/update limit reached and was told to relax for a few hours; it was odd but Twitter thought that I was a spammer. Just the thought of me not tweeting for a few hours made me break out in a sweat!  How can that be? I almost resorted to Google Buzz to get my fix! I’m sprung now and will heed the warning next time!

The weekend had me in the Marino Center getting my endorphins and working out and I was glad that I did; I have to get the unemployment weight gain under control again. The workout paid off right away, I was smiling and in a good mood by the time I left. 🙂

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