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Hitting the ground running…

February 16, 2010

It’s very early on a Monday morning and I have so much to do today so I’m hitting the ground running…at least that’s my mind set for today. Post office, laundry, homework, doing my mobile day (trying to figure out where). This week in my Social Problems class we are discussing issues that hit home; our troubled urban centers and racial and ethnic equality; our country is so far behind other industrialized countries and still far behind in terms of racial relations and equality. So when I hear why can’t “we” put racism behind “us,” I’m wondering who is “we” and who is “us” I’m still here in the present confronting and being bombarded with it daily.

I received a call back for a second interview today and I’m feeling very grateful to God and upbeat about what this could mean. I’ve been out of work for a long time.  Need to focus more on my thesis and submit an outline and other stuff tomorrow after the interview. Officially, I’ve hit a wall but I plan to work through it…

In the Ready Room…

Trying to pull together presentation and discussion materials for thesis class, there are 3 students and a visiting student and the professor so I’ll need 5 copies of each. I have photos of me testifying at the term limits hearing to include in my thesis. I think it will add a personal touch and a visual aspect to it. Also trying to pull it together for my second interview; there was no time to go to the nail salon oh well but I’m putting together my second interview packet and did yoga this morning for clarity. The chocolate helped as well giving me the clarity to get my ducks lined up. Class was energizing, its times like these I appreciate on campus classes. We are really owning our thesis projects and because it’s our senior year I took pics of the class.

I started a countdown clock app for the thesis; I need to stay focused on this. My handwriting skills have decreased since I am on a keyboard so much, taking lots of notes will fix this! Research papers aren’t really my strong suit and this thesis will be the mother of them all but I’ll focus on the journey instead.

Ginnette chatting at Basic Black

This past week, I attended a networking and live watch event for Basic Black, a public affairs show on WGBH ( ) and became the impromptu photog for the evening. It was a wonderful opportunity and I had a great time; this is me participating in live chat at the event.

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