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Ginnette – Sociology, Cats, and the Search for a Job

February 1, 2010

Busy day today — went to the library first with my neighbor to do testing for a Census job but they weren’t holding testing that day and ended up having an unplanned meeting with my neighbor and another friend who was there. I’m preparing for a job interview so I had to get a haircut and had a chance to shoot the breeze with the folks in the barber shop while putting to use what I learned as a Sociology major into practice while we were discussing the consumption of meat and why there are new technology products on the market all the time.

Then off to get my nails done, I usually don’t for every interview but for this one I’m going all out…then I get to thinking that the next time I want to find an eco-friendly nail salon. My best friend says I’ve been crunchy for a long time and I guess this proves she’s right.  

One of the three

One of the three!

Job hunting is really rough something to juggle with homework and reading. I’ve been doing it for a while, since being unemployed since last February during one of the worst economic downturns in a long time, I’ve been sending out resumes and while I’ve had a few interviews at really great places but so far nothing has panned out. I’ve even applied for part-time or temporary positions. It is an out-of-body experience being unemployed this long in addition to other challenges that happened during this time. Like the fact that I got two cats in the same month last year, bring the count up to three– no more cats!!!

In 2009,  I was involved in the Mayoral and City Council campaigns and then the senate race, now I’ve signed up to volunteer with Governor Patrick’s re-election campaign.

 I’ve been meeting with a personal coach (pro bono) to encourage me and help me work on goals during this unplanned sabbatical. I met her through Facebook and one of the other Sam Yoon supporters. Goals like drinking more water, exercising, organizing my house, getting out of the house more are what we talk on the phone about. I was challenged to get out of the house and go to local coffee houses and libraries and do my job search from there. I’ve really enjoyed it and it’s been a welcome change from sitting in the house and feeling demotivated about my situation. My favorite spots are Haley House Café, FlatBlack Coffee Company and the local libraries. I’ve also visited the Grove Hall branch of BPL, a brand new public library next to my old high school and it looks like Northeastern’s library. I want to go back and take a tour of all of it soon. I also use these “mobile days” to step up my use of social media; Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Yelp. Unemployed folks need all they can get to keep it together and feel vital and engaged. I hope to go to WorkBar soon and do my job searching and homework there, it seems like a great place.

I’ve registered for Spring classes (my last semester!) A course I need isn’t being offered so, per my academic advisor, I am submitting a course substitution form for approval. Hope it gets approved


Up way too early of course comes with the territory for women my age, then I’m on the computer partly due to the fact that I’m a Twitterholic; then I’ll make coffee, feed the three cats, etc. and since I’m not working full-time, I usually crash in a few hours for a nap, terrible sleep pattern I know. Last night I dreamed of one of my Twitter friends I’ve never met interesting….

My interview went well, I was the first person to be interviewed (my friends tell me that is a very good thing) and I really enjoyed the organization and the people. The office has a gym in the building, and it’s near a shopping mall and a community skating rink  which would be very interesting for me to try ice skating.  The benefits and the pay are also competitive and here’s hoping I get hired.  I have a long list of what I things I need to buy when I get a job, like get a new eyeglasses and a refrigerator.


I went with my neighbor to take the Census test, I didn’t do too badly on it since the guy administering the test didn’t tell me to take a retest (I did hear him tell other folks to re-test). My neighbor didn’t do too shabby either. I may take it again to get a higher score on it, some of the questions make my head spin and then I came home and took my mid-term. I’m really asking for it in the head spinning department!

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  1. Dee Dee permalink
    February 16, 2010 1:59 am

    Great use of personal time off! Being unemployed can be stressful at best and making good use of your time, with the help of a personal coach, is just terrific! When life throws us a curve ball and you can continue to embrace your life and all its responsibilities, it sounds like you’ve hit the ball right out of the park! Go Ginnette, go!

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